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Beck pulls his legs up onto the couch and crosses them, reaching back to tighten the knot in his hair while the joint he’s just rolled sits precariously between his teeth. 

"Christ, keep your feet off of the couch, would you, it’s a Montauk." Jade shifts her champagne glass from her left hand to her right, using the now free hand to grab Beck’s leg, shoving it down. 

"Easy." He warns, muffled as he pulls the joint from his mouth and makes sure he didn’t wet it too much, looking around impatiently. "Robbie, pass me a light, yeah? And stop pacing.” 

Robbie crams his hands in his pockets to find a lighter while Cat crawls over Trina’s lap to dig through her own purse. “Xanax?” she offers helpfully to the curly-haired boy, but he waves her off impatiently. Jade holds her hand out to take his portion instead, and the redhead is more than happy to oblige, handing them out like candy.

"When is your sister getting here?" Jade snaps at Trina, before tossing back the little pills and smoothing their trip down with another sip from the champagne flute in her hand. 

"Hopefully in the next few minutes if she wants to pregame before the party." Trina replies vaguely, gratefully accepting the now-lit joint that’s handed to her from her right. She takes a quick hit before passing it off to Andre, her voice muffled by the force of holding back her smoke as she speaks next, "She takes fashionably late to a new level. She’d be late to the after party if she could."

"I’m here, I’m here!" the door swings open and the breathless brunette practically stumbles in, sighing heavily. "Car service was late. I brought party favours, though, in hope of forgiveness." She holds up the little baggy and gives it a shake, the stark white powder loosely settling into the bottom corner of it. 

Jade snaps the bag away from her with a little glare. “Gift accepted. Get your driver sorted out.” she stalks away as Tori sighs in relief.

"You look a little stressed, is this just about the driver?" Andre asks from nearby on the armchair, taking another hit before passing the joint back to Beck. 

"Xanax?" Cat offers again, giggling as she falls into Robbie’s legs where he’s standing near to the couch.

"I - no, I’m fine. Just a little rushed." Tori waves the redhead off, smiling at Andre and giving him a little nudge.

"How many of those has she had?" Jade pipes up, having settled herself on Beck’s lap, busying herself by setting up a few pretty little lines on the mirrored plate balanced on her knee.

"I don’t know, four, five?" Robbie replies, running his fingers through Cat’s hair while she clings to his torso, still giggling madly to herself.

"Take ‘em away. She can have the rest later." Jade instructs, "I don’t want her passing out in the limo on the way, again, having to haul her ass around the country club was humiliating enough, I’m not going to hold her hair back in the bathroom of Cana."

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